Blip, Chip and Zip - Writing like Andy Griffiths

One day an alien called Blip,

Took a slip on a pile of dip.

Blip got stuck and did a flip.

Blip's friend Chip said "What a pip!"

Chip took out his big tail whip,

And pulled out Blip in a quick, swift trip.


Along came Zip with a truck that could tip

And said to them, "Where's my clip?"

Blip and Chip said back to Zip, 

"We haven't seen your fancy clip!"

Then Zip had a shaky lip.

Blip said "Here have some dip."

Zip took a sip of the boggy dip,

And found the missing fancy clip!

Chip and Blip hugged their friend Zip,

And they all drove off in the truck that could tip.


By Mariam, Samuel, Megan, Ghislaine and Ryley.