The following are testimonials from Olinda Primary School parents and one student. These are the reasons that we choose this school for our children.

Parent Testimonials

Our children attended Olinda Primary for their prep and grade 1 years – which is a bit of a misnomer given that at Olinda Primary, children learn to their abilities and not to the grade!

From an academic point of view, the school is small enough to tailor the teaching to each child. Children learn how to learn, which is so crucial in long-term educational goals.

Children with specific learning difficulties are provided with remedial, sometimes even almost one-on-one attention until satisfactory progress is made.

Academically advanced children are ‘stretched’ to the maximum of their abilities, which may result in being taught with the higher classes (without necessarily moving grades, so the social connections are maintained)

As a teaching principal, Mrs Sheeran cares that every child reaches their potential and has a depth of experience to achieve this.  She is supported by a team of dedicated and passionate teachers who also offer their expertise in different areas, be the specialized art program, physical education, French language or music.

Socially all children play together freely across the grades – with the ‘big kids’ often looking out for the little ones.

I never cease to be amazed how much kids learn from other kids when they are provided with the opportunity to play together in a care-free but closely supervised environment!

Olinda Primary was a serendipitous discovery for our family and we feel very fortunate that our children benefited from such exclusive and privileged education during the early years of their schooling.

At Olinda Primary, no child misses out and no child is missed. It’s big enough for social development and small enough for achieving excellence in academia.

Dr. Ania Hargrove, mum, Paediatrician



"Our daughter is in her last year of primary school and has developed into a well rounded, caring, thoughtful person thanks to the nurturing individual programs used at Olinda Primary School. Having moved from a school where she often did not want to attend she comes home happy and full of information about her day at school and what she has learnt. Facts about countries and people all over the world are given to us on a regular basis. Since she has been at Olinda her maths has improved significantly and her love of reading has been discovered."

Nina Ortenburg owner Mountain Ash Trading, Mount Dandenong


"Olinda Primary has been home to my children for 13 years now, and in that time I have seen it go from one of the largest schools in the hills to the unique ‘small school with a big future’ that it is today, and everything in between. Although we are blessed with a number of options in the Dandenongs, I have never considered sending my children anywhere else, even though Olinda is not our closest school. My youngest is now in grade 5, and is absolutely thriving. The small school environment suits his quiet sensitive nature, and the family atmosphere has allowed him to feel comfortable and secure at school which is something he would struggle with in a larger school. Flexibility and the brilliant Individualised Learning Program give him the opportunity to express and learn in his own unique way, with an excellent standard of education and balance of nature and environment activities in the most beautiful setting on the mountain. To me Olinda Primary is a school with a heart, where love and care emanate from every heartbeat. As a close school community our commitment to our children and gentle fighting spirit endures, and we are all incredibly fortunate to be a part of it’s future, and to have this unique option for our children. I would not hesitate to recommend Olinda Primary as a joyful and viable alternative for any child."

Rebecca Prewett owner Olinda Health & Spa



"Our daughter has been enrolled at Olinda Primary School since grade two, she is currently in her final year this year. In the time that we have been here, we have seen many changes to the school, curriculum, teaching staff and an overall amazing metamorphosis at Olinda Primary. We came from a larger school in the area, where our daughter was desperately unhappy and in the end, refused to go to school. Olinda Primary has provided a nurturing, safe and a one on one environment where our daughter loves to come to school. Many people feel discouraged to send their children to a small school, but we have first hand experience now seeing the benefits that a small school has made to our daughter’s education and self confidence. We feel that it has been an ADVANTAGE to belong to a community that feels more like an extended family- the children genuinely care and support one another. It will be a sad day in December 2011, when she has to leave Primary School- she is a very proud member and school leader for this year. We are thrilled we found Olinda Primary and will never regret our decision to be at this wonderful school"

T&V Bluhm



"Our son Sam began his first year of school at Olinda this year and he loves it! It all started last year with the brilliant ‘Bright Beginnings’ program we had heard great things about. Because he had been a ‘big school boy’ during terms 3 and 4 of the previous year, when he walked in on the first ‘real’ school day he was so settled and said ‘see you later mum, I’m at school now’. I was the only one who cried!! Cornelia his teacher cherishes the children, cares for them like they are her own and delivers a fantastic and engaging curriculum. Shannon the Senior Teacher is very much involved with the younger ones as well, teaching them French and other curriculum areas. It feels like a family where there is accountability, understanding and incredible personal growth and progress. We recommend that all parents who want that something a bit more nurturing and individual for their child – consider Olinda. Our school has many very special qualities about it – it is growing and we believe it is the best option for an excellent and holistic education on our beautiful mountain."

Peter and Marina Heading



Student Testimonial

This is our most special testimonial. Please read on!




"Hi, my name is Alex. This year I started secondary school. Its very different from primary school, and I knew it would be, but I don’t think it would have been such a smooth transition for me if I hadn’t been to Olinda Primary School. I didn’t really like school before I went to Olinda. I tried 4 other schools, and my parents looked at every school in the hills – and believe me, they did! I was quiet and shy and I never asked for help from the teachers if I didn’t understand something or if I wasn’t happy. I didn’t even really try because they were so busy with all the other kids in the class. At Olinda the teachers knew each of us really well. I wasn’t very good at maths so I got extra help. It was the same for everyone. No one was left behind. It was easy to get help with my work and I started to enjoy my school work and try hard to do my best. At Olinda it was like one big family. There was always someone to hang out with in the yard. The kids all played together from preps to grade sixes. I made some really special friendships with kids of all ages and we all looked out for each other. I found my feet at Olinda Primary School. I felt valued at Olinda Primary School."

Alex former student 2008 to 2010. Very fond memories.