Performing Arts

Performing Arts at Olinda Primary School brings together Art, Dance, Drama, Media, Music and Visual Communication.  To perform fuels the exploration of ideas that cross the gamut of human emotions and moods through holistic learning using cognitive, emotional, sensory, aesthetic, kinaesthetic and physical fields. 

Students attend one hour of Drama each week in our Performing Arts Centre. We put on a school performance every two years which highlights the inspiration and passion associated with putting on a show.  All students become involved in some are of the production such as, costume and set design and making, narration, ‘behind the scenes’, performing and recording.  It is a highly collaborative process. 

We seek to understand how performance has impacted the many diverse cultures represented by the people in our community, our country and our world.  At Olinda we introduce students to local Aboriginal dance techniques and increase their understanding of the first Australians.