Phys Ed & Health

Get Active at Olinda!

Physical activity for children has been linked to positive self-esteem, skill development, skeletal and cardiovascular health, and general healthy development. It is now widely established that childhood is the best time to establish positive attitudes and behaviour relating to physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. At Olinda, we ensure that all students participate in weekly physical education classes utilising our Safe Room and extensive grounds, football oval and basketball court. Students build skills in individual and collaborative sports, learning the importance of teamwork and taking turns.  They develop the traditional values of respect, responsibility, fair play and honesty.

What Sets us Apart?

  • We fully integrate our Phys Ed/Health and classroom program, for example: in an Inquiry unit exploring Australian and Asian histories, we look at the peoples, places, languages, arts and sports of the regions.
  • Our extensive grounds and full sized oval support a broad range of individual and group activities such as football, cricket, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, t-ball, softball, cross country and track and field, on site.
  • Our full size basketball court allows students and teachers to play kickball, netball, basketball and Hot Shots Tennis.
  • Students can play and perform in our beautiful outdoor amphitheatre.
  • Our indoor facility allows us to teach and practice sports skills all year round. 
  • We have strong links with the local tennis club and run a Hot Shots program each year, supported by a visiting tennis coach and supplied with extensive tennis gear through Tennis Australia.
  • Each year we participate in inter-school sport, attending a local athletics carnival at Kalorama Oval, showing great community and competitive spirit.
  • We participate in district sports.


Get Ready for Sport

  • Students are required to wear comfortable sport shoes on Sport days.
  • School sun hat must be worn in terms 1 & 4, kept at school and available for all outside activities.
  • Personally named sunscreen may be applied before school and students can reapply themselves if necessary for afternoon sport.
  • Personally named water bottles may be brought to school to ensure hydration throughout the day. The school has drinking taps at various locations.