Technology in education, is it about the hardware? PCs, iPads, smart boards, educational DVDs? Or is it about the software, Google, email, YouTube, Skype, educational programs?

At Olinda, we have a more nuanced view of technology. We believe the influence of technology on education is causing an evolution rather than a revolution. We believe that while technology is not a substitute for quality teaching it can be used to enhance:

  • Operational learning  -  learning how to control and use technologies, getting them to do the things you want them to do and having opportunities to make your own inputs and get a personalised response. 
  • Extending knowledge and understanding of the world - by finding out about people and places.
  • Inclination to learn - as they become increasingly competent users of digital media, children show greater concentration and persistence and their self-confidence and self-esteem flourishes.
  • Collaborative learning - the sharing and construction of knowledge using technology as a means of communication or common resource.


Good examples of integrating ICT into the broader curriculum are the stop motion videos produced by our senior students.