Showing & Telling about History - 1/2/3 H

Thank you!

We have been amazed at the wonderful items that have been brought in for show & tell this term. From compasses to teddy bears, antique scooters to family heirlooms.  Though students took a while to adjust to having a topic for show & tell, the meaningful and insightful discussions surrounding our place in time have been rewarding. 

A little reminder:

  • There are no 'show & tell days' - if you have something to show - we will make time!
  • Students need to be able to talk about what they bring in - even having notes from home about the history of the item would be helpful.
  • We can take a photo of the item - as it may be precious, it can stay in the teacher office during play times, and will go home the day it comes to school.

Thank you all for contributing to the student's learning and making our term so interesting!

Mrs Heading.