Welcome Back for 2015

Hi to all our Olinda PS Families, I hope that you have had a lovely break.

I'm really excited about school starting on Friday, 30 Jan 2015. I am looking forward to seeing how much the children have changed over the holidays, hearing their news and sharing our new learning environments.

Jay and myself will be at school on Tuesday and all staff will be back on Wednesday.

Please feel free to ring my mobile or contact the school landline if you have any questions.

All key dates for the year (including swimming and curriculum days) have been updated on our new website. The calendar will be a great source for upcoming events.

Plus, from now on staff will be posting regular updates in the news section of this site.

Finally, a big thank you to Marina and Peter for installing the new furniture (pictured above) in the language learning centre.


Cornelia Sheeran

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