Murrindindi shares his language


Murrindindi, King and leader of the Wurundjeri people, shares his language with our students.  He is passionate about reconciliation and education, working with young people to increase their awareness of Aboriginal culture. We can now say 'Good Morning' mother and father, 'See Ya Later' mother and father and 'How are you feeling?'

All the children show him immense respect and hang on his every word.  What an amazing opportunity for our students.

This week we walked around our beautiful grounds and Murrindindi showed us how to recognise the Christmas Bush or Coranderrk which is growing prolifically on our grounds.  We used the leaves of the Blackwood Wattle to wash our hands and discovered spear, boomerang and fire stick trees.  Next week we will be throwing boomerangs!  

Mrs Heading.